John Legend may have just responded to Kanye West's Pro Trump Tweets!

Well today has been an interesting day on Twitter. Kanye has continued to tweet his thoughts, in the mist of promoting his new albums. And lets just say it has gotten some people UPSET! It started with the tweet stating, "I like how Candace Owens thinks." Then the following, "I love Donald Trump." 

Now don't get me wrong we all have our thoughts on our POTUS. However, don't you think this is Kanye just being Kanye? To some maybe, but John Legend on the other hand maybe not so much. Here are a series of tweets that definitely seemed directed at Ye. 


Definitely directed at Ye right? But the thing is, a lot of outlets are saying that Kanye isnt in the right mental space. And that may be the case, but honestly all of these tweets do not surprise me. Kanye has always been outta pocket with the way he expresses himself. His wife Kim took to Twitter to defend him. Take a look at this...


This is just going to keep going, what do you think Kanye will tweet next? 

Gabby Diaz

Gabby Diaz

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