Christina Aguilera is DONE with The Voice!

Well we finally know why Christina Aguilera has left The Voice! She will be dropping her first album in 6 years, Liberation. In a recent interview with Billboard, she says that the show was an "energy sucker." 

Christina was one of the original coaches, and was on seasons 2,3,5,8, and 10. On other seasons, she allowed artists like Miley Cyrus, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson, and more to hit the red seat. 

In the interview Aguilera said that she is done with NBC's ratings juggernaut! She compared it to a "churning hamster wheel." When she would leave set from 2011 to 2016, she tells the magazine, "I would just take everything off - the makeup, all of it - and would blast hip-hop, or Nirvana, 'Creep,' Slayer. Anything that would get me out of that zone, that TV mode." 

Yikes! Sounds like Christina had a pretty bad experience. Do you think this is true or did Christina have some Diva tendencies? Check out the full story here

Gabby Diaz

Gabby Diaz

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