Ariana Grande reveals why the relationship with Mac Miller really ended!

News broke last week that Ariana Grande and Mac Miller had ended their relationship. Now as some of her fans were in complete shock, I hate to say I saw this coming. Quickly after the story broke rumors started swirling that Ariana had moved on to SNL's, Pete Davidson. Now we aren't exactly sure what is going on between the two, but Ariana did spill some tea on why the relationship with Mac ended. After the split she posted this.. 


Pretty harmless right? Clearly at this point, it seemed to be timing, Ariana was getting ready to drop a new single and album, and I am sure their busy schedules were not gonna work out. 

Well now, fast forward, a fan had some things to say once we got word that Mac Miller had got a DUI and was in a hit and run accident. 


Honestly, I wasn't expecting Ariana to respond, but she did. And with a note at that! You know us iPhone users have the notes feature. Take a look at her response below. 


And I must say, COME THROUGH ARI! This is 100% true, a woman can only do so much for a man, so to put the blame on her, isn't fair at all. 

We hope Mac Miller can get it together in this difficult time! 

Gabby Diaz

Gabby Diaz

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