Trump grants Kim Kardashians clemency plea for Alice Johnson

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Kim Kardashians meeting with President Trump was far from a bust. The meeting actually went well, especially after it was announced on Wednesday that Alice Johnson was granted clemency. 

63-year old Alice Johnson was serving life in prison without a eligibility for parole. She was serving for a non violent drug trafficking case. Now this was Johnson's first case and was accused of drug trafficking as well money laundering in Memphis. She has been imprisoned since 1996. 

According to Johnson, she never sold drugs or even made drug deals, but allowed people to use her phone who were involved in the drug trafficking ring. Take a look at the tweet that caught Kim's eye and prompted her to get involved. 


After Kim saw this, she decided to try to get a meeting with President Trump to hopefully grant Alice clemency, and one week later, Alice was granted clemency. 


Kim then spoke on hoping to get light shed on Prison reform with other organizations. The real question is, do you think that this will happen?

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Gabby Diaz

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