Justin Bieber is being sued for a fight in Cleveland during 2016 NBA Finals

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A new lawsuit has been filed against 24-year old Justin Bieber. Documents were filed due to a fight that took place outside of a Cleveland Hotel during the 2016 NBA Finals. 

In the documents obtained, Rodney Tobias Cannon, who met JB for the first time claimed that Justin got irate after Cannon took a photo of him. Justin got very aggressive and threatened to harm  Cannon if he did not delete the photo. 

And according to the documents the threatening comments that Justin was making in front of the Westin Hotel had racial epithets. 

According to The Blast, sources close to the situation say that Justin had used the N-word. This isnt the first time that Justin has been caught up in a racial controversy. Back when he was 14, a video showed him changing the lyrics to "One Less Lonely Girl," with the N-Word, that surface years later! 

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