LIVE MOUSE found inside Wendy's Burger Bun Bag!

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A Wendy's location out in Oklahoma is under fire. One of their employees took to their Facebook page and posted what goes on behind the counter at the fast food restaurant. Not gonna lie this grossed me out. I was super grateful that it wasn't here in California, but again this type of thing can literally happen anywhere. 

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“Not only does Wendy’s now have mice—we have crew members who leave cigarettes all over the place,” Sky Frame wrote underneath the side-by-side footage. “Don’t eat at Wendy’s in Catoosa.”

“One of my coworkers went to get the bag of big buns,” Frame said. “Then, all you hear is a scream. So I go back there to see what’s happening. He’s saying there’s a mouse in the bag, and I’m like ‘what?'”

“I’ve heard that there have been mice around the store, but I’ve never seen it happen,” she added. “So I go back there and there’s a live mouse. It’s moving around in the bag.”

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