San Francisco Brewery has 'LeBron Tears' IPA on Tap!

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There is no denying that LeBron James is a good basketball player. But you gotta love the Dub Nation for this one. 

Barebottle Brewing Co. came up with a good way to capitalize on the Dub's recent NBA Finals win. The Brewing company released a new IPA called, "LeBron Tears." It is 6.5% alcohol. And you gotta give it up to the clever photo they used to promote the new IPA.

Lebron Tears 6.5% ABV - Hazy IPA Little known fact: KD, Steph, and Klay take opposing teams' hopes and dreams, and turn them into soul crushing 3-pointers. We took the tears from Sir James' Game 1 loss and distilled them into a hazy IPA, just for you. We also decided that Tears pair well with Mosaic hops. Sad! #barebottle #bernalbrewd #sanfrancisco #sf #bayarea #goodbeer #craftbeer #craftnotcrap #drinklocal #drinkcraftbeer #craftbrewery #sfbrewersguild #ilovebeer #beerlife #beerlove #instabeer #beertography #beerporn #beergeek

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So when are we going to try it? I wonder if it has a salty taste. Hahaha

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