Friend close to XXXTentacion says: "He knew he had enemies"

XXXTentacion's close friend and producer, Zxflo, reveals that he doesn't think XXX's killing was a robbery. He told the Daily Mail, that XXX knew that he had gained some enemies over the years. 

Now XXX was never known to be affiliated with any gangs, but he was known to have persistent trouble with the law. In the recent months before his death, he was charged with witness tampering after trying to convince his ex-girlfriend to drop charges. 

'Honestly, I hate to say it but I don't believe it was a robbery,' Zxflo, 27, said. 'I don't believe it was a robbery at all. 'Through the years, he's gained some enemies and it's hard to speak right now but he didn't travel alone, he was a very smart individual. 'He did not travel alone, he never traveled alone – he knew that he has enemies, obviously. He would not go places alone.'

He added: 'I know there were people who were very jealous and envious of him. He came from an area where not a lot of people make it out so…'

Zxflo told that XXXTentacion had found it tough after his release, couch-surfing for months on end – including a six-month stint at his own home in Plantation in 2015.

'A few years ago, he was pretty violent, I'm not going to lie,' he said. 'He was raised by his grandmother, never had a really a home to go to.

'He stayed with me for about six months, he stayed with [rapper] Denzel Curry - they really doing whatever they could to make it. He made it and now it's just devastating.

'It's hard for me to talk about this right now to be honest. I just want people to know he is not what the media portray him to be. He was an amazing, loving person.'

via Daily Mail

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