Kylie Jenner removes her Lip Fillers!

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Kylie Jenner is taking it back to her natural look. And I am talking her natural lips. 

In a recent photo, fans noticed that Kylie looks a bit different. Like her old self. Check out the video below and see what I am exactly talking about. 

heat wave

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#KylieJenner showing off her lips!

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You can definitely see a difference in her lips. Especially from this certain photo below. 

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Now as soon as Kylie released the above photo on Instagram, a lot of fans noticed the difference, but we also didnt know. Well Kylie let us know, that yes indeed, she dropped the lip filler. 

#KylieJenner showing off her natural lips! She said she got her fillers removed 👀

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Do you think Kylie looks better?

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