HyunA & Pentagon's E'Dawn have been kicked out of Cube Entertainment!

All K-Pop has just broke that Cube Entertainment has kicked out HyunA and E'Dawn! 

There has been controversy ever since the two admitted that they were dating. They have been dating for about two years now in secret. When the news came out, they canceled Triple H promotions. E'Dawn has not been working with Pentagon either.

Cube Entertainment wrote... via All K-Pop

"This is Cube Entertainment. Cube Entertainment has officially decided to kick out our artists HyunA and E'Dawn from the label. We have put in our best efforts in working with our label artists in artist management through loyalty and trust in our relationship.After numerous discussions, it is with great pain that we have come to the conclusion that it will prove difficult for us to rebuild the broken loyalty and trust between these two artists, HyunA and E'Dawn; as a result, we have made the decision to force them out from our label.We sincerely thank fans who have been with the two artists all this time. Thank You. 

There has been a lot of hate comments regarding the relationship. There has even been a couple of instances where Jessi has come forward to defend HyunA. 

Now HyunA is the face of Cube Entertainment. She has been pretty successful with the company. We are wondering where the stocks will go since they have been kicked out. And we are also wondering if they will be picked up by another company. 

#AING and #UNIVERSE what are your thoughts? Do you think this will effect Pentagon? 

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Gabby Diaz

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