Here's how to switch your Plane Ticket without getting Charged!

So we all know traveling can be super stressful. Especially for the Holidays. And then when you realize that you messed up and booked the completely wrong date. And those fees get high. $200 or more is a lot to spend on changing a flight. 

Here are some details via Mental Floss

If you haven't booked your flights for the holidays yet, start by selecting an airline that will grant you some flexibility. According to Free, Delta, United, and American Airlines are all on the high end when it comes to cancellation fees, charging $200 or more if you want to switch your flight. Allegiant and JetBlue charge some of the smallest fees—as low as $75 depending on your ticket—and Southwest charges customers nothing at all even if they cancel the day of their flight.

There's one exception to these policies that affects all airlines flying out of the U.S.: the 24-hour rule. If you buy a ticket for 11/12 only to realize you meant to book it for 12/11, you're entitled to a full refund mandated by the Department of Transportation, as long you booked at least seven days ahead of the departure date. All you need to do is request a refund within 24 hours of making the mistake to get your money back.

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