Khloe Kardashian wants more kids with Tristan Thompson!

Well this interesting. According to E! News, Khloe Kardashian wants more kids with Tristan Thompson. Now this is a bit crazy considering there have been a ton of rumors that they have broken up. Regardless of their relationship, hopefully Tristan has learned his lesson and doesn't cheat! Do you think Khloe should move on, or try to make things work with Tristan? 

via E! Online 

"Khloe definitely wants True to have a sibling and would love to have a big family if that's what's in the cards," a source shared with E! News. "Things are up and down with Tristan Thompson, but she would like more kids with him. That's what she feels will make the most sense for True and their little family."

Our insider added, "Khloe is completely selfless when it comes to True. She loves being a mom and having her own family. She wants to have more kids while she's young enough and would like them to be close in age."

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