Instagram Couple Splits after he was caught sliding into Chicks DM's!

The internet was in a frenzy on Wednesday night when Geoff Hamanishi got caught up! Him and his long time girlfriend Kassandra were together 8-years. 

Geoff Hamanishi gained followers on Instagram for posting GORGE photos of his girlfriend Kassandra. They looked like the PERFECT couple. But everything in the dark, eventually comes to light. The couple split earlier this week, and Geoff deleted all the photos off his Instagram, and posted this video explaining himself. See below. 


Obviously Kassandra is upset about the events that have taken place. And also took to her Instagram stories to talk about the situation. See below. 

Image via Instagram @kc.vdp

Fans are SO shocked by these events that have happened. And lets just say they are letting Geoff have it on Instagram and Twitter. Take a look at some of the tweets!

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Gabby Diaz

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