Rihanna look alike says Men want her because they fantasize of Rih Rih!

Honestly, this would suck!

Yna Sertalf looks almost identical to Rihanna. And because of it, she has a problem in the love department. She says that she looks so much like Rihanna that her own mother gets her confused when seeing Rih in a magazine.

"I've been single for about a year, but I would never put myself in a relationship with someone who sees me as 'Rihanna' and not 'Yna,' when I talk to someone and hear 'Rihanna' too many times [when we're hanging out], I give up [on them] because I can't determine if the person fantasises about Rihanna or if they really want to know me. That's why I'm single."

Could you imagine? eeekkk!