Tristan Thompsons Baby Mama says he paid her to stay Single!

Man it's true what they say. Everything in the dark will eventually come to light.

Tristan Thompsons's baby mama, Jordan Craig is saying that Tristan paid her $112k to not date anyone after their break-up. Even though he moved on with Khloe Kardashian. But apparently he didn't want her being involved with anyone else.

Jordan and Tristan have a son together, Prince, who was born in December of 2016, just four months before he got in a relationship with Khloe. There are court documents that were given to Tristan's attorney, which say that the money was a bribe. Regardless, Jordan says she did take the money, to pay off loan for her home in LA and for her family. Tristans response to the docs? "No on ever said about not to see or date anyone."

YIKES! This situation just seems to be getting more and more messy.


A couple days ago, Khloe took to her Instagram account to address some things regarding her relationship with Tristan and Jordan Craig.

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