Patrick Dempsey & Isaiah Washington Had A Physical Fight On Set

Isiah Washington is no stranger to controversy in the world of Grey's Anatomy. He was written off the show when he called, T.R Knight who played George, the f slur. Isiah denies these allegations while T.R as well as Katherine Heigl(who played Izzy on the show) insist it did happen.

But what led to this fight between Dempsey and Washington? In Lynette Rice's new book "How to Save A Life: The Inside Story of Grey's Anatomy". One of the writers, Mark Wilding, said it began with "one of them had been late to set one day, and the other one decided to pay him back by being late himself." Then apparently is escalated quickly into a screaming match and "before you knew it, they were physically fighting".

Harry Werksman, another writer on the show, said that Isiah went after Patrick and said "You can't talk to me the way you talk to that little f****t T.R"

Obviously a lot of change to the show happened after this fight. Patrick even said that it helped "heal the show".

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