Californians Could Be Getting Digital IDs By This Spring

Has the time come for digital IDs in California?

According to KTLA 5, Governor Gavin Newsom spoke about the possibility of digital driver's licenses in California during his new budget proposal in Sacramento this week. Newsom had said "the digital ID card would arrive in 'a matter of months.'" Everything is turning digital nowadays and I lowkey like this idea because it'll be so much easier not having to worry about carrying your ID when you go out; especially if you happen to lose it a lot.

According to the Governor’s Budget Summary, the California Department of Technology is progressing on the Digital Identification project. The project is aimed at creating a single digital identifier that can be used to provide proof of identity and obtain access to state services.

The California DMV said that they could have a pilot rollout of the digital driver's license as early as late spring for a limited number of people. They are also working with mobile wallet providers like Apple and Android, so people can have their digital IDs placed there on their phones. Now privacy concerns have been brought up about how much information will be shared on the ID and Apple said that "the advantage to digital IDs is that the Apple Wallet will only share the information needed for a specific interaction, and it also allows the user to choose what data is shared."

If this does get approved, you won't have to present your physical ID at the bar or to check in to board a plane. What do you think of a digital ID? Head to KTLA 5 for more.

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