Disneyland Gives Update On When Splash Mountain Will Be Closing & More!

We now have an exact date for when Disneyland's Splash Mountain ride will be closing!

Disney Parks announced today that Splash Mountain will be closing starting May 31, 2023 so they can start working on the development for Tiana's Bayou Adventure. Disney also gave an update on what guests can expect for the new theme based off of their movie Princess and the Frog. Guests can experience the enchantment of the bayou as it is illuminated with a celebration during Mardi Gras season, which is hosted by Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen along with Mama Odie to bring that magic.

As depicted in this newly released rendering, Mama Odie jokes with guests along their journey after a special display of her magic. The two-hundred-year-old Bayou Fairy Godmother, with her eccentric belongings and “seeing eye snake,” Juju, is comically eccentric, yet wise and all-knowing, throughout the adventure. We’re so delighted that legendary actress Jenifer Lewis, who starred as the voice of Mama Odie in Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “The Princess and the Frog, is once again returning to her role for the attraction.  

Tiana's Bayou Adventure is expected to open up sometime in 2024. Head to Disney Parks Blog for more.

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