Joe Jonas Officiated A Wedding On Stage During The Jonas Brothers Concert

We know Joe Jonas can sing but he could also officiate a wedding. According to NBC 4, Joe paused the concert so 2 lovers could tie the knot on stage during a Jonas Brothers concert this week.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here today, mostly for a wedding, but also a concert," Jonas said to a cheering crowd.

The bride was actually the band's percussionist, Molly Lopresti, and she had told the brothers that she couldn't go on tour because she planned to get married to her fiancé Nick Shirm.

"Now, of course, we said let's figure this out, we got to help them out in some way," Jonas told the crowd. "If only we had an ordained minister on this tour. Oh, wait. So I have this great honor."

Once the couple were officially married, the JoBros surprised them by playing a song for the newlyweds so they can have their first dance as husband and wife on stage. SO CUTE🥺❤ Check out the video below.

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