Update-My Thoughts On The Justin Timberlake Performance

I always think it's healthy to have good dialogue, and this is just my personal opinion. But, I when started reading on Twitter all these bad remarks on Justin's performance I was like "really"? I thought it was solid for sure. I mean the guy danced his ass off, and he kept it visually moving. I mean it's way easier to just stand on a stage and just sing but that isn't what he's doing at all. Remember this has to be appealing to people watching it on TV as well. Plus, he has a time frame to stick to so when people complained about not hearing certain songs inside I'm like "no one will ever be satisfied". At the end of the day someone will always have something to complain about. Also, regarding the Prince tribute Justin addressed this later on the Jimmy Fallon show and he called Prince the "GOAT", and it was all to pay homage and respect. The interview is below. The audio we heard were actual recordings from the man himself by the way and it actually "synced up" according to Justin.  Anyway, these are my thoughts. I definitely want to hear yours so don't be shy.

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