Another reason why I respect Shawn Mendes so much

Although Shawn Mendes is a HUGE celebrity, he isn't immune and recently opened up about his own struggle with anxiety. The young singer, who became hugely famous at only 19, said that therapy was the way he coped. 

While he did talk to a therapist a few times, Mendes wants you to know therapy can mean anything saying, "Therapy is what works for you- climbing a mountain, listening to music, running on the treadmill, going to dinner with your friends - something that distracts you, that helps you heal." Shawn also credited his friends and family for helping him. It's important to talk about mental health, and Shawn Mendes wants you to know that you are never alone.

I love that he opened up about this because I think it's totally normal for all of us to have our own struggles. For Shawn to admit this about himself I think helps anyone that's going through issues in their lives. Famous people are just like us and have problems just like us.

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