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One of our listeners wants to help their students of the Bay Area! 


I teach high school design class in Hayward, CA: a working class town in the East Bay.  Geographically, my students  are surrounded by the wealth, innovation and privilege of San Francisco and San Jose but separated by the economic and political barriers that come from being children of working class, immigrant families.

23 of my students and I have an opportunity to begin an exciting project that will shift how they see the world, see themselves in connection with others, and create a partnership of empathy, creativity and learning between young people across borders. We have an opportunity to travel to the North Coast and Santiago region of the Dominican Republic in June of 2018. This eight day trip will allow students to apply their learnings in design thinking and collaborative problem solving using technology while aiding marginalized communities and at-risk populations in those regions. Students will be asked to create design solutions for communities that lessen the negative environmental impact and conserve as much of the ecosystem as possible while teaching and learning with young people from the region and collaborating on long term creative projects. 

My students and their families cannot afford the total cost of this transformative experience, and we need people like you  who believe in their impact on the world and believe that understanding and human connection will create positive change for our future. 

A donation makes us closer to our goal of raising approximately $2000 per student. A donation is a statement of belief that my students, regardless of their lack of financial resources deserve the same dynamic learning experiences as any other young person.  The world is changing and the way students learn and interact with the world is constantly evolving. Many of us understand the impact that travel and exploration has had on our lives. I believe every young person regardless of their background, their socioeconomic status, or where they live deserves to have a life changing experience in the pivotal years of high school.

Thank you for giving to these amazing students, your generosity is life-changing-

In gratitude,

Lucy Rivera

Educator, Curriculum Designer, Artist


Leadership Public Schools Hayward is a nonprofit 5013c school.Read more about the project and meet the students here.  See more about what our class is like:

GoalsStudents use opportunities to use and develop technology in order to document and tell stories based on their experiences as well as utilize technology in order to strengthen human connections and understanding between cultures.Teacher (Lucy Rivera) creates pilot project story and framework for teachers of at-risk students and/or Title 1 schools in order to design like experiencesCulminating documentary from student POV (planning,travel, learnings, teaching)Student generated photography, video ,mixed reality content.Continued partnership with destination schools via DREAM Project.

Expected Project Benefits

Students develop higher self awareness and confidence through experiential learning.Students develop real use cases of software to build and maintain relationships internationally.Students develop their career readiness through real applications of learning and teaching through technology.Students develop a better understanding of the human condition and commonalities between cultures.Where your Money is Applied

All donations are forwarded and applied evenly across individual student travel accounts with the travel agency ACIS. Total cost per students is $2979.  Students have generated approximately $1,000 each student through T shirt sales and school fundraising.  A $2,000 donation will pay all remaining expenses of travel, lodging and meals for one student.

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