Photos from Home on The @JV Show

Every week we bring you our photos from home. You decide who had the best. Take our poll below!

JV: Waiting at the bus stop w my Warriors jersey. The Band Wagon never showed up. Lol 

Selena: On Friday, I took a trip down to LA to visit with a plastic surgeon. According to him, I need more than just some work on my nose. 

Graham: Perfect sunny weather this weekend, so this was Baby Ford and me with our shades on getting ready to enjoy the day!

Crystal: I went to get mariscos yesterday after work in San Jose with some coworkers, our boss bought us this huge plate of shrimp and we sang karaoke it was so much fun! You can see me unbuckling my belt to get ready to go IN on these shrimp! 

The JV Show

The JV Show

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