OMG Ronnie Admitted He's Still in Love with Sammie from The Jersey Shore!

The Jersey Shore crew is back on MTV for a reunion. The only one missing from the original series is Sammi Sweetheart. Sammi and fellow Jersey Shore roommate Ronnie are probably the most famous couple from the TV show, but it's been years and Sammi is happily married to another man and has a life of her own.

Ronnie is also in a new relationship and has come to the reunion leaving a very pregnant girlfriend back home. But that hasn't kept him from keeping Sammi's name out of his mouth. It seems like every chance Ron gets, he has something to say about Sammi. His roommates who love the drama aren't helping either. Everyone has been trying to get Ron to admit that after years of dating he's still in love with Sammi.

Well, spoiler alert! He finally did it! Last night on the show, Ronnie had a 1-on-1 with fellow roommate Snooki. He broke down saying, "Every man wishes he could be with the love of his life. Being with someone for seven years and then you don't end up with the person? Yeah, it hurts." He went on to talk about how he misses the sense of security that Sammi Sweetheart gave him and he doesn't yet trust his new woman and future baby mama and if she hadn't gotten pregnant, he doesn't know if they would even be together! Yikes.

Snooki didn't even want to hear any of it, telling him straight up, "You need to stop." And then he went and cried alone in the bathroom. Isn't television great?

Do you think Ronnie's new relationship is going to last? How do you think his baby mama is going to react after seeing his breakdown on TV? 

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