Ronnie from Jersey Shore Gets in Physical Fight with Girlfriend on IG Live

If you thought his relationship on ‘The Jersey Shore’ with Sammie was bad, his relationship with his new baby’s mother seems to be worse! 

The Jersey Shore is back on television and it's coming with plenty of drama. The biggest drama being Ronnie, who has a girlfriend and a baby on the way. Over the weekend Ron and his baby mama Jen got into a heated argument on social media for everyone to see. Basically, some words were exchanged and Ron called Jen a hoe, Jen called Ron a cokehead - it was a mess, and it may have been the end.

A source close to the couple is saying that they're done now and Jen just can't take it anymore. Jen knew about Ronnie's crazy past but really thought she could be the one to change him. He is constantly screwing up and then apologizing, which we get to see first hand on the show, and Jen can't handle it anymore, especially now that there's a baby in the picture.

The couple has broken up and has gotten back together before, but apparently, unless Ronnie makes a huge lifestyle change, they won't be getting back together this time.

Have you ever gotten back together with an ex? How did it turn out?

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