Lady Hospitalized after Botched Eyebrow Microblading Job

This woman in Detroit, MI was sent to the hospital after a microblading session that left her with a terrible infection. She said when she left the salon she loved her brows but after a day they started getting more red. The swelling did not go away and this eyebrow reaction got worse and worse until there were red bumps all over. She went to the hospital where she was diagnosed with cellulitis. 

Her doctor said, "This is potentially life-threatening if not treated because what's right behind here--sinuses," Dr. Grekin said. "What do the sinuses communicate? Boom: they go right to the brain." she added,  "There are a lot of variables," Grekin said. "In this case, so, is the patient allergic to the ink that they actually tattoo you with? That's No. 1. Is she allergic to something they used to prep the skin? Did she get an infection by getting told not to wash her face for two days? We never tell someone, 'don't wash your face' after a surgical procedure for two, three, however many days. We wash every day no matter what procedure you do on the skin. It's not sterile."

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