Photos from Home on The @JV Show!

Every week we bring you our photos from home. You decide who had the best. Take our poll below!

JV: Smothering Lenisee with love. 

Selena: Kianna and I went to The Worlds Biggest Bouncehouse!! And they had a giant ball pit too!

Graham: Went to the Kentucky Derby this weekend on a bachelor party.  This is a bunch of us trying to stay dry from the rain while drinking a lot of mint juleps!

Crystal: It was my mom's 50th birthday this weekend so my family threw her a surprise party at Pasta Pelican. She had so much fun and cried from excitement it was great! My mom is always doing everything for other people, has thrown so many parties for people in our family, it was great that we got to do something for her for once. 

The JV Show

The JV Show

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