Drake Unfollowed Riri on IG After "We're not friends" Comment

Rihanna is making headlines with her new man. She is reportedly very happy and has gushed publicly about how this guy is so great he doesn't even compare to the men in her life previously. Well, of course, this didn't sit well with two of those previous guys.

Chris Brown was apparently really hurt by the way Rihanna talked so dismissively about their relationship. Drake also didn't take too well to the comments and now it looks like he has unfollowed Rihanna on Instagram. *GASP* It's official, once you unfollow your ex on Instagram, that's it. 

But Drake can't get Rihanna out of his life that easily, remember they still have a matching tattoo!

Do you have a matching tattoo with someone who is no longer in your life?

Photo: Getty Images

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