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Every week we bring you our photos from home. You decide who had the best. Take our poll below!

JV: My Dad (who recently passed) refused to get rid of the truck I bought him in 1999. Here it is 240,000 miles and 19 years later when we gathered at my Mom’s house to honor Dad yesterday. I had to get one last photo. 

Selena: I went to k1 for the very first time with a couple of friends! We all BARELY made the height requirement to be able to ride lol

Graham: Stepped into our backyard at halftime of the Warriors game to play a little cornhole, and baby Ford watched from the middle of the lawn.

Crystal: My cousin recently got married in Cancun! I wasn't able to make it but he had a second reception at a ranch here in Castro Valley so here's a pic with my parents and the newlyweds!

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