Ariana Grande Makes it IG Official with Pete Davidson


After a few days of dropping hints and posting cryptic Instagram stories, it's safe to say that Ariana Grande is now ready to be completely public about her new relationship with SNL's Pete Davidson. 

We saw the first photo of them together, that actually showed their faces, Wednesday, when Davidson posted a photo for his 900k followers of the two going all out in harry potter gear along with the caption “the chamber of secrets has been opened ...”   

Last night, it was Ariana's turn to tell her 120 million followers. She posted a photo of the two nice and close along with the caption, “i thought u into my life -- woah ! look at my mind".

It's unclear whether or not that caption is lyrics from new music that comes out in August or if it's just a cute caption. 

The two seem really happy, but it's just the beginning. Will it last? Is Davidson just the rebound from Mac Miller?

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