New Video Sparks More Beyonce Pregnancy Rumors

A lot of people are talking about Beyonce' and Jay-Z, and not just because of their current stadium tour. There are rumors floating around that Beyonce' may be pregnant with the couple's fourth child.

Rumors are rumors, but this rumor makes more and more sense each day. Let's look at the clues.

First, during one of her concerts, while singing 'Bonnie and Clyde' Beyonce' RUBBED HER BELLY and SMILED. Still - no could confirm anything.

Then, at the recent concert in Paris, the singer wore an extremely tight bodysuit that didn't leave much to the imagination and possibly showed a little baby bump if you looked from the side.

Now, most recently, she was photographed out and about in an oversized t-shirt - making it harder to see any possible baby bump. What are you hiding Beyonce!

Could this baby bump everyone keeps seeing be the real deal? Or has Beyonce' just been indulging in European dishes?


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