10 Qualities That Make You Girlfriend Material

In today's online dating world it's hard to really know what makes someone boyfriend or girlfriend material but no worries, we've got you! Here are the top 10 qualities that will make you girlfriend material. Some of these may actually really surprise you. 

1. Confidence:

People say this over and over again but there really is nothing sexier than a woman who is comfortable in their own skin! A great tip to remember is to stop questioning your looks, especially out loud to your partner. If you are constantly looking for reassurance or questioning yourself, he may start to question them himself too.

2. Smart is Sexy!

Men don't want someone they have to constantly watch over and take care of! A smart, savvy woman is always a turn-on to any man! Remember, looks fade but brains are forever! 

3. No Material Girls!

(Good) Men want to treat women like the queens they are, but it doesn't mean you should be as demanding as one! We all love a nice gift every now and then but remember it's always about the thought and not the actual gift! Sometimes the gesture itself is worth more than that cozy Pink hoody you've been eyeing at Victoria's Secret. 

4. Be Spontaneous!

Getting into a relationship can sometimes lead to getting into a routine, this is something you HAVE to be aware of! It's nice to Netflix and Chill on a Friday night with your boo, but remember, guys like spontaneous, go with the flow moments! Get out of your routine by doing something that feels right in the moment, even if that means a little "coffee in the morning" like Miguel says.

5. Relax

Ok, we just said, don't get into the routine of Netflix and Chillin' BUT it's important to take some time to just relax with your guy. So yeah, as long as relaxing isn't the main focus of your relationship, every healthy relationship needs a nice dose of solid, quality couples relaxation time.

6. Don't Be TOO Serious!

A woman who doesn't take herself too seriously is a priceless find for any guy because it means one thing, she can laugh at herself! This will create the type of relationship where you can exchange snappy comebacks and witty banter to keep the spark between you guys. After all, laughter is an aphrodisiac! 

7. Be Sensuous 

Like we said, it's not about looks, but if you carry yourself with confidence and embrace your sexiness it'll do the trick! Instead of going super casual for date night, wear that dress that makes you feel like Tyra Banks! It doesn't mean you have to force yourself to walk around the house in lingerie for your man! Just keep in mind that being comfortable with your own sexuality and expressing that is what matters! Plus you're guy will be greatly appreciate it.

8. Handle the Truth!

It's always key to build trust in a relationship! If you keep things open and honest from the get go you should be fine. Remember, if you're dating you're guy and are serious about it, even the smallest lie can result in a giant fight or even a break up if they find out! 

9. Don't Be Needy!

There is something about dating someone who embraces and is not afraid of their independence and although getting into a relationship means that you now share your life with someone, don't let that be ALL you do! You don't have to text all day or try to join them on every outing they go on! It's important for all parties in the relationship to have some time alone or with their friends to keep things fresh. Also, co-dependency can be a real relationship killer, especially if only one person is co-depending on the other. 

10. Remember, You're a Team!

ALWAYS remember that when you get into a relationship you are entering a partnership! Partners want to know that they'll be supported and that you'll stand by them when life changes. When we date someone, sometimes we tend to subconsciously make it a competition. Who has the better friends, wardrobe, job, car or friends are things that as human we question but there is no reason to materialize or dwell on these thoughts. The little things will make a big difference! Show your support with small gestures like an "I love you" text when they head off to work and listen to them at the end of their day.

Alright! So there you have it! Some things to keep in mind when looking for a new relationship. YouTuber Tom Flynn has more info he broke it down in this video, there's also tips at the end on how to be a good boyfriend:

Like Tom said, the most important thing to keep in mind when you're in a relationship is to not try to change for each other! You two started dating because of the people you were when you met, so don't worry about switching things up and enjoy the ride!

Credit: Gyphy/Getty Images

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