Help Our JV Show Listener Save her Dog Shady

Our listener needs your help! Read her story below and please donate if you can.

"My dog's name is Shady and I am trying to raise money for her vet bills. It all started when I purchased a bag of dog treats from Rite Aid. The bag said the dog treats were all natural and healthy. However, little did I know, it was going to cause my dog to have a domino effect of medical issues. How it started....I broke up the treat into small pieces and gave the small pieces to Shady and waited until she finished, before leaving for work. 

Once she finished her treat, I kissed her goodbye and left. When I returned home in the morning from my graveyard shift, I noticed that her stool was extremely rubbery as if there was a rubber layer over her stool. I didnt think much of it at first until the next day, I gave her a small piece and on the following day, she vomited foam. Two more days went by and shady vomited yellow flem. I decided to take her to the emergency room and when I got there, she was non-stop throwing up blood and mucus..the vet technicians took Shady to the back to monitor her and ended up having to give her fluids and electrolytes through an iv because she became dehydrated. 

After 9-10 hours in the emergency room, I decided to call the dog treat company "Purina". It was determined that the dog treat was discontinued on January 1st, 2018 and Rite Aid sold the treat which I bought on August 8th, 2018. It appears that the treat caused Shady to have gastrointestinal issues and needs help. All of Shady's results came back through the roof to which she is bleeding on the inside. Shady has small clots of blood coming out and will not keep any food down. 

Shady's doctor called and said that Shady needs to be hospitalized immediately within the next 24 hours to keep her stable. If she is not hospitalized, Shady will not make it. Shady is so lovable and a sweet baby, she doesnt deserve this. I will hold the people accountable for this, however, Shady has no time to waste and needs everyones help. Please, help save shady. It doesn't matter how much, anything will help."

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