Cardi B Throws Shoe at Nicki Minaj During NYFW Party

It is not news that Cardi B and Nicki Minaj don't care for one another. The news is that Cardi B took off her shoe in an attempt to throw it at Nicki Minaj at a Harper's Bazaar Fashion Week Party.

Cardi B did end up with a knot above her eye. Some people think she got elbowed by Nicki Minaj security, some think Rah Ali may have hit her. Rah Ali was on Love and Hip Hop New York and hangs out with Nicki.

Cardi B took to her Instagram (@iamcardib) to say that she has let a lot slide with Nicki Minaj but what she won't let slide is talking about her child and making comments about Cardi as a mother. 

Nicki Minaj will not press charges against Cardi B as she was not injured. Sources close to Nicki say she feels "unbothered."

Social media came at Cardi saying she needed to act better, be the bigger person. But isn't the very reason people love Cardi because she "keeps it real?" and because she's "such a savage?" Is she suppose to change now? Should kids be off limits or is everything fair game when you are in the public eye? Photo: Getty Images

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