Listener Danny sends JV “Matching Tattoo Idea” for Selena & Graham Lol

The JV Show has been debating for a few weeks what design they should get for their matching tattoos. A few sketches have been thrown around until our listener Danny came up with the perfect one! Check it out below. Matching FART JARS! LOLOL

If you don't remember, a while back when the Corpse Flower came to SF Graham and Crystal had the idea of putting the nasty stench in a jar and presenting it to Selena. The stench had gone away by the time the crew got there so Graham decided to use his own stench of a fart, capture it in a jar, and present it to Selena. Hence the show's obsession with "FART JARS" LOL! 

The JV Show

The JV Show

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