Post Malone Haunted Curse Box To Be Opened On Halloween

The haunted box that seemed to have cursed Post Malone is about to be opened!!! "Ghost Adventures" star Zak Bagans told TMZ he plans on opening the dybbuk box in his Haunted Museum Wednesday night live on his show! Zak says he has been having crazy dreams and illness for the past few weeks. Now the time Post was cursed Post did not even touch the box! Zak touched it and touched Post which Zak says is enough! 

Now the only that will keep Zak from opening the box is if he does not feel the same supernatural sensation he and Post felt in the room this summer. 

Hopefully he doesn't do it!!! 

photo credit: Getty Images 


This video below is of a woman who passed out when she looked at the box! TMZ was told the woman collapsed after coming into the same room with the box just a week after Post visited, she was taken to the ER. 


"JV & Natasha's Very Scary & Funny Halloween"

Warning: Some Halloween Images May Be Disturbing

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