Dude Creates Nail Guide To Help Guys Survive Dating!

A guy on Twitter who goes by Rocky, posted a video that has now gone viral with over 4 Million views. The video is of him reading aloud a survival guide which he titled "Nails At First Sight" compared to the popular phrase "love at first sight." The guide is meant for men to be able to categorize women and their given characteristics based on their choice in nails from everything to shape and color. Like, bro, who hurt you so bad that you had to create a whole book on it? Lol. According to this book women with long and pointy yellow nails are the ones to stay away from. Hmm.. I think he just sparked a new trend, yellow will be the color to get next time you're at the nail salon in order to keep boys like this away! LOL. Watch the video below! *WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE*

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