Annie's Homegrown Donates $25,000 To Richmond School

Bay area based company Annie's Homegrown is making a difference. They donated $25,000 to Peres Elementary School in Richmond, Ca for their Conscious Kitchen program that has healthy organic free lunch for all students. According to Conscious Kitchen "The goal of Conscious Kitchen is to address food equity, education, and access by shifting the paradigm around school food service, while cultivating a local, ecological food system, and building nutrition literacy into school meals."

I love Annie's, Cheddar Bunnies, Mac and Cheese, Bunny Grahams! OMG I could go on all day! Hearing about what they are doing makes me love them even more! We for sure keep Annie's around the studio! For real I just took this picture! These mac and cheeses cups have saved my life many times during the show!

Check out some of the other was they give back here

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