10 Signs That You're Becoming The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend❗️😈

1. You think about him all the time

2. You still have him on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

3. You stalk him regularly on social media

4. You ask his friends about him

5. You frequent places you might see him

6. You still have all the things he gave you

7. You text and email him

8. You're devising plans to get back together

9. You want to sabotage his new relationship

10. Your friends are sick of hearing about him

Guys...have you ever dealt with a crazy ex ❓Was she really crazy or are you just saying that. 🤔 I need some stories & proof that she was really crazy. Or have you ever dealt with someone who was 🥜’s in general❓ What made them 🥜’s❓ Ladies, how about you❓ Have you had a crazy ex or were you the crazy ex❓ Why did he/she make you crazy❓😈 I'm also talking about this over on my instagram. Hear what other have to say over there as well IG: NatashaYi

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