Too High❓“Parachute” Down With New Pill 💊

The man who co-invented liquid methadone in the 1970's is now betting his retirement on a new line of medical cannabis products in Michigan.

Among them is Parachute: a pure-CBD pill that dissolves underneath the tongue and is effective within five minutes -- meant to help rescue someone who has gotten too high.

"People take edibles and then they get too high -- it can be pretty dreadful," said Steve Goldner, founder of Pure Green. "CBD is a tremendous ameliorator."

I feel like everyone loves marijuana except me! 🚬 Honestly, I’ve never liked it. So many friends have said “oh you had too much or you tried the wrong strain” and like a dummy, I try it again. I’ve tried it many 6 times and every time it was a living hell. It makes me feel detached from reality and all of my senses become warped. I suddenly feel out-of-body watching and hearing things from inside of a fish tank. 🐟 I just sit there praying that it will end. 🙏🏼Yes it’s that bad for me! 😣🙈 I don’t get how people enjoy it. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Clearly everyone does because it seems like I’m the only one that hates weed. Are there any others that can’t handle it or hate how it feels❓Do you feel mentally warped or out-of-your-body like I do❓If you like it, do you smoke it❓ Eat it❓How does it make you feel❓I’m curious if you also feel like you are mentally “losing it” but you enjoy feeling that way. I discussed this topic on my instagram and I was super interested in everyone’s experiences. I’d love to hear about your weed experience. 😣🙈 Am I really the only person who does not enjoy weed❓ Are you a regular weed smoker❓ If so, have you ever gotten too 😳😵☠️👁👁❓ I definitely could’ve used this Parachute pill the times I’ve tried it. 😖 Hit me up on my IG or Twitter -@NatashaYi

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