Insects Feel Chronic Pain After Injury Too!

A new study published in Science Advances reveal that failing to kill an insect and simply injuring it may cause it to live the rest of its days in agony.

Scientists have known that even less-complex organisms like insects have the ability to sense potentially dangerous stimuli, including physical injuries. It’s called nociception, and while it’s slightly different than how humans process pain, it’s actually not that far off.

The scientists failed to realize before this round of research was that insects produce what we think of as chronic pain, or pain that persists long after a physical injury has occurred. As it turns out, they do.

You can read about the full study over here.

With that said, is it possible that they have souls as well❓ Or is that all just getting too ridiculous to you. 🤷🏻‍♀️ If you see a bug in your house, are you just going to squish it❓ 🐜 I would rather fully end it’s life than just swat it and leave it bc I don’t want it to be in pain. After reading that research, I feel horrible the times I left a bug struggling or under a cup. Do you feel bad❓ Do you think a life of an insect is less important than humans or animals❓ I'm also having this discussion over on my IG ( (The link goes directly to the post where we're talking about this subject. Hit me up and let me know your thoughts about this.,

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