Listener Wendy Needs Help

One of our listeners needs our help. Please read Wendy's email and help if you can. 🙏🏼
Here is the link to the gofundme.

I’ve been listening to the JV show for many years now. I don’t ever engage or write things like this, but here I go. I work at Kasa Indian Eatery, which has two location in SF and one in RWC. We’ve been serving the Bay Area since 2013 and continue to do so through this pandemic. I’ve worked at Kasa for 7 years as the Director of Ops with my best friend by my side, as the Area manager. His name was Jonathan Abuel. He suddenly passed away last Friday from heart attack, leaving behind his wife (who also works at Kasa) and his two daughters. He was a good man to say the least. The happiest, most positive and generous individual who did not deserve to leave so soon. He spent 8 hard, lonely years in the US to bring his family from the Philippines. He finally brought them over 5 years ago. Raised and put two strong smart daughters into college in the US. Proudly became a US citizen last year. He embodied everything in the American dream, and always believe in giving back to others. I’m hoping to share his family’s go fund me page to help them through this difficult time. I feel like everything I’ve said so far just doesn’t live up to how wonderful and inspiring Jon was. But I love him, and I’ll always be there for his family. I think asking here is the least I can do.