Woman's Date Sent Her Home In An Uber Because He Didn't Like Her Outfit

This bad date was over before it even began!

This woman had been dating this guy for a few weeks when he invited her to a grand opening at his job. She got ready, put her make up on (not an easy task) and went to go meet him up before the big event. He took a look at her pink blazer, black crop top, pink pants and heels and then sent her home in an Uber because of it. He was embarrassed of her outfit and didn't want his colleagues to see her.

On her TikTok video, she said he would say things like she didn't need to wear make up or heels, etc. People in the comments warned her not to forgive him, don't go back and more. Apparently, she dodged a bullet.

She does feel relieved, saying she's glad she got out after three weeks instead of three years.

Do you think her outfit was that bad? See the video below!

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