New Ariana Grande Music

Ariana Grande released her new album over night. Fans quickly started hearing the songs and had many questions for her about the meaning of each song and how long it took to make.


Ariana Grande is getting ready to go on tour, but she isn't giving many details yet. One of the songs many fans were anticipating was "Ghostin". In the song she opens up about being with Pete Davidson while going through her loss of Mac Miller.

Her lyrics,"And I'm putting you through more than one ever should, and I'm hating myself 'cause you don't want to admit that it hurts you" had many fans crying and wondering how painful it must have been for her at that time with Pete.


We love all the songs and appreciate all the new music videos! We can't wait for the tour!

Check out her new music video that has many people talking:

Photo Courtesy:Getty Images



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