New Childs Play Movie After 30 Years

Growing up there were probably some movies that traumatized you. The producers of "IT" have now re-made another classic horror movie. Do you remember Chucky? Yes the doll! After 30 years, Child's Play is getting a reboot for modern times, as if that makes it less creepy...

The trailer was released today, Friday February 8, by Orion pictures. In the trailer you can see Aubrey Plaza, who stars as the mom, bring home the doll for her son. The trailer quickly takes a gruesome turn and creates panic in the area. The dolls face never gets seen in the trailer but I'm sure we all remember that creepy face.

Will you be watching this reboot? The movie is set to be released on June 21, 2019.

Check the trailer and let us know:

Photo Courtesy:Getty Images



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