Caffeine Infused Gummy Bears

Are you tired of drinking coffee so you can get that quick boost in the afternoon? Sugarfina and LA based coffee shop, Alfred's Coffee, linked up to create a collab of caffeinated gummy bears! The gummy bears are made with real coffee,each serving containing about 60 milligrams of caffeine, similar to one espresso shot!


They come in three flavors which are cold brew, bourbon cold brew, and iced vanilla latte. The cold brew is infused with Alfred's classic cold brew. Bourbon cold brew actually contains a splash of bourbon with the cold brew coffee. Lastly, if you're looking for something lighter, the iced vanilla latte are infused with Alfred's vanilla latte and almond milk making it equivalent to half of an espresso shot.

If you are interested in trying these for yourself, they are available at Alfred's Coffee in Los Angeles. Don't worry, if you are nowhere near LA you can order them online at the Sugarfina website HERE!



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