Lady Gaga To Launch Beauty Line Soon

Little Monsters are getting ready for Lady Gaga to be back into the spotlight. It is said that Lady Gaga will be revealing the much anticipated beauty line, Haus Beauty, in late May!

There is a pop up shop under construction called Haus Beauty Shop located in Park Theater at MGM Grand in Las Vegas. It is said this is where the products will be sold for Lady Gagas line. If you didn't already know, Lady Gaga has a residency at MGM Grand and will be performing this Summer/Fall.

The Haus and Lady Gaga have been working hard to trademark all of the products names she will be offering. Back in December they applied to trademark "Ate My Heart Company" under Haus Beaty. According to Las Vegas Review Journal,

The trademark covers myriad products, including perfume, foundation, lipstick, highlighter, nail polish and facial cleanser.


Lady Gaga is no stranger to beauty products. Around 2010, she partnered with MAC to launch the Viva Glam collection helping raise HIV/AIDS awareness. How can we forget her Fame fragrance launched in 2012! It was black liquid that cleared once sprayed.


We can't wait to see what will be available. The end of May will be here soon! In the mean time we will start saving up...


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