Get Ready For Mother's Day

Don't know what to give your mom for Mother's Day? Here is something that you can do yourself that involves flowers and wine!


This doesn't require many materials but does require some creativity, you will be needing:

  • A box of your moms favorite wine WITH A SPOUT!
  • Flower pot big enough to fit the bag of boxed wine
  • A Styrofoam disk
  • Artificial flowers

First you want to get the wine bag out of the box, then cut out a whole on the side of the flower pot big enough to fit the spout. Once the spout is out in the hole you cut, you will want to use glue so it doesn't move. Use your artificial flowers and stick them on the styrofoam disk in a neat way. Put the disk on top of the bag of wine and you're done! Don't forget to decorate the pot. For more ideas like this go to Food Network.



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