Kylie Jenner Skin Care Products

Kylie Jenner is taking the next step in her cosmetic line and creating a skin care line called Kylie Skin.

It will feature a variety of products which include a foaming face wash


Vanilla milk toner


Makeup remover wipes


And the product that has everyone talking right now on social media, the walnut face scrub.


Once this product was announced twitter went crazy because of the use of walnuts. According to dermatologists, walnut shells are very damaging to skin. Walnuts can not be ground up enough and will create small micro-tears on your skin damaging the texture of your face.

Kylie also advertises that this face scrub is

very gentle, very gentle enough to use every day


Dermatologists don't recommend the use exfoliants or scrubs every day.

Kylie skin will be launching May 22. Will you be buying her new skin care products?



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