Monterey Bay Aquarium Hosting 80s Sleepover Party


"Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Seaweed" is the official name of the 80s themed slumber party being hosted by Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Monterey Bay Aquarium will be celebrating their 35th anniversary hosting only adults 21+, no kids allowed! This will include a taco dinner, ice cream sundae bar, alcohol, and breakfast in the morning. There are four areas where you will be able to sleep, which include the enchanted kelp forest which is the sea bass sleeping area. The oceans edge, the leopard shark sleeping area. Jellies, jelly fish sleeping area, and the open sea the sardines sleeping area. To see the map of the sleeping areas click HERE.

The event will also include movies, standup comedy, and an 80's dance party! All of this fun comes at a price, non aquarium members pay $175 while aquarium members pay $150. Doors open at 7pm and the sleepover will last until 8:30am the next day. This will all take place September 14, 2019. Unfortunately, the even is already sold out, but you can stay updated with more of these events on the website HERE.



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